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Victorian Carved Jet and Pearl Pendant

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  • Victoriana at its best. I converted this carved jet flower from a stick pin into a pendant. I gave it a 9k yellow gold backing so that it would be edged in gold to help it stand out more against clothing and give it a little more weight as jet is a very light material. A note on jet - it is often referred to as petrified wood. It is formed due to immense high-pressure decomposition of the monkey puzzle tree and can be up to 180 million years old. It has been used in jewellery since 10,000 BC and was especially popular in the Victorian era and later on in the roaring twenties when flappers would wear waist length strands. Interestingly, the adjective "jet-black", meaning as dark a black as possible comes from this material.

  • Your purchase will support the Emerging Voices foundation in Colombia. 

    Your pendant comes in 9k yellow gold 16" barleycorn chain.

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