'One of the Finest Emerging Irish Designers' Part One

June 10, 2017

'One of the Finest Emerging Irish Designers' Part One

My gorgeous stockist DesignYard did a profile on me calling me 'One of the Finest Emerging Irish Designers' - absolutely chuffed! Please see part 1 of the interview below to find out more about my inspiration and how I came to do what I love every day:

Eimear Lynch (AKA Ella Green) has been designing jewellery since she was a little girl.  

I have a recurring ‘treasure’ dream even now. My mother always used to tell me how I couldn't even pronounce the word 'jewellery' as a young child but it didn't stop me constantly taking jewellery apart to reassemble it a different way. I remember covering a denim jacket with brooches (it was the 80’s) and making odd dangly earrings and thinking I was the absolute BOMB!  I think I was always meant to be a jewellery maker. 

 - Describe the design DNA of your jewellery?

This is still evolving and I am on a delicious journey with it. What I do know about it is that I thrive on opposites; tough and soft; geometric and organic; monstrous and pretty. That seems a bit mad but I like the idea of taking ideas and altering them in ways you wouldn’t expect – the swallows tattoo collection is an example of this. It’s inspired by old-time sailor tattoos but the execution is very feminine.  

- Where is your jewellery bench?  

In the home office but with little kids running around I have to be careful and tidy away the chemicals, saw blades etc and / or lock the door!  

- What do you dream about?    

Treasure, finding hauls of treasure. I blame fairy stories. Have you read Grimm recently? I’m reading them to my little girl and every story has diamonds, rubies and pearls stashed somewhere. Also, I have half waking- half dreaming moments where designs come right before sleep. I’ll often get a jolt of inspiration and I smile and spend the next while turning it over and over in my mind. It’s delicious and I go to sleep knowing it will be there waiting for me in the morning. That’s one of the most fun parts – after that the work of sketching and problem solving begins!  

- Describe a perfect day for you?    

A day off from the usual routine. A bit of a lie in and a wander around town with coffee in hand and with no particular place to be. I love travel so transplant that same day from Dublin into any cool city and I’m happy. I also love the act of travel itself so stick me on a plane, train or bus with something to read, my notebook and a good podcast and I am happy as a clam.  

- What is your guilty pleasure?    

KUWTK. I also used to love Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and – full disclosure: I have a bad social media (specifically Instagram) habit. You can follow my adventures @ellagreenjewellery

 - What is your must-have piece of jewellery?  

My Swallow Lariat necklace. I literally have not taken it off since I made it. It’s strong but light and has withstood my toddler practically swinging out of it every day exclaiming ‘Birdie!’ Also, the Swallows Ear Climber with one of its companion studs. They’re all swallows but due to the asymmetry they are far from matchy matchy.

See part 2 in the next post!

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