Me to me: Hey, will you be my Valentine? Me to me: I'd love to!

February 10, 2018

Me to me: Hey, will you be my Valentine? Me to me: I'd love to!

I have been musing on the importance of living our lives for ourselves and not for other people. 

So I am dedicating this Valentine's day to everyone in a dedicated and committed relationship.... with themselves! (and their Netflix account).

Although a card and a present can be lovely, I am resolute and insistent that none of us (girls OR boys) need rely on a force outside ourselves for our happiness next Wednesday, the dreaded 'V' Day. 

I vividly remember the angst-ridden teenage years of pining for boys to suddenly notice me and shower me with cards and flowers the way it happened in movies. It never happened!

I remember buying a brand new, pink top for a Valentines date that never materialised in my late 20's - mortification! 

I remember further embarrassment when a boyfriend did appear. For our first Valentines day he bought me expensive underwear. I bought him a packet of sweets with hearts on them. Oops.  

So this V-Day, let's celebrate making ourselves happy. This is a call to arms people! Light those expensive candles, buy some exquisite chocolate, treat yourself to a massage or a long-lusted after piece of jewellery.  

Personally, even though I finally paired off and made two humans with a lovely fella, I will be booking a flight to Copenhagan for four days - by myself.

And on my reading list? The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

Image credit to the gorgeous Jane at TreasuredGemHunter

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