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Ever try to buy a ring online, only to realise you don't know your ring size?

November 01, 2018

Free ring size guide

How to work out your ring size, the mystery is solved!

100% of people I surveyed via Insta poll thought it would be useful to know how to work out your ring size - so I am going to break it down for you!

You know the scenario. When it comes time to 'select your ring size' to finalise an online purchase - we're stuck. How is anyone supposed to know that? Shoe size? Yes. Ring Size? No!

I'm going to share 2 easy steps below but if still seems like hard work, don't worry. I've got your back. I've just placed an order for a batch of ring-sizers. Read on for how to get one as a gift from me to you!

Step 1: Pick the finger you want the ring to go on, noting that the fingers on the dominant hand tend to be slightly bigger than the fingers on the non-dominant hand - probably because they are slightly more muscled.

Step 2: Measure a ring you currently own that works for the intended finger and is of reasonably similar dimensions. This is by far the easiest way. You can also mess about with pieces of string or paper but to be honest, I find it tricky, finicky and hard to get right. Simply measure the diameter of your ring and match it to the corresponding size on the sheet here to get your ring size! (International ring size conversion chart at www.gessweincanada.com)

Free ring sizer UK size

This is the easy-to-use ring-sizer I will send you! To get one, let me know where to send it here. Available one per person until we run out, happy sizing!

The beauty of these is that once you have one, you can use it over and over, for different fingers, wedding bands, eternity rings, men's rings, your friend's rings, the list goes on.

More tips

  1. For engagement or surprise rings - liberate one of her rings from her jewellery box. The match may not be super exact, but you will be close, just go up slightly if you are in doubt. Another 'stealth-mode' tactic you could try is to get some inexpensive multi-pack rings from the high street (Penneys or H&M have lots) for her friends or family members to flash about. She would end up trying at least some of them on and the one that fits can be squirreled away for your purposes!
  2.  Look at the width of the band of the ring you are interested in. Generally, with a wider band, say anything over 5mm (the width of a chopstick), you should go up in size.  
  3. Also....and this is a bit like buying shoes, if you're hot your fingers will swell with heat and vice versa. These are not massive swings in size, but worth keeping in mind!
  4. If you are between sizes, order up. You can always take a ring for re-sizing down, but it's much more difficult to make it bigger!

Eimear xoxo





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