March 15, 2017


You could have knocked me over with a feather the first Saturday in March when my lovely Mum-in-law sent me a photo from the hallowed pages of The Gloss - of my swallows tattoo earclimber! I jumped and shouted and did a couple of laps of the kitchen before grabbing my little son's hand and saying C'mon - we have to go to the shop! He obliged and went with me as fast as his little 21 month legs would carry him (then I lifted him up and we walked and jogged the rest of the way). Yes, it is a little manic but I LOVE The Gloss. It has always been a lovely shining oasis of escapism in the office where once a month, we would down tools for a short time to absorb the loveliness.

Thank you to The Gloss Magazine - I am totally honoured to be in the company of other awesome designers in the "hot new labels you'll need to know" section along with Alexa Chung (dropping at Envoy at Belfast soon), 31 Chapel Lane, Monse at Brown Thomas.

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Press coverage Irish jewellery designer Ella Green The Gloss 


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