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Four ways to use jewellery to up your style game - the results will surprise you!

May 28, 2018

Four ways to use jewellery to up your style game - the results will surprise you!

With summer finally here, it's time to start shaving above our ankles and maybe even bust out our decollatage or gasp, maybe even a shoulder or two.

But what else can we use from our arsenal to up the ante on our summer style? The answer is probably on or close to your dressing table already - jewellery!  

Here are my top 4 tips for looking better this summer using jewellery:

Number 1:

Layer up the old-fashioned chains.

The good news is that if you have some old jewellery knocking about your jewellery box, you could be in luck. A lot of previously out-of-style chain types and religious medals have come roaring back into style. See Kanye's pieces designed for Jacob & Co as the genesis for this trend. If you don't have this type of jewellery and want to explore it, take a look at Argos (St. Christopher medals or initial necklaces in 9k yellow gold), or the monthly auctions at John Weldon Auctioneers of Dublin. Another jewellers you might try is Tower Jewellers who are cleverly leveraging this revival. Three necklaces of varying lengths will nail the trend.

Number 2:

Joyful earrings.

Your ears are the closest place to your eyes where jewellery is worn. A lovely bright pair of earrings in gold, silver or diamond can add an extra twinkle to your eyes. While fabric tassle earrings are popular right now, steer clear of black or otherwise dark versions if you have dark hair as they will simply not stand out against your hair and it is a lost opportunity to shine. Those peepers are the window to your soul so we want to highlight them best we can! Colour and gems work too so you might like a strong blue colour to make blue eyes pop or green for hazel eyes. Sri-Lankan sapphires are renowned for their cornflower blue colour (ideal for Irish colouring) and of course nothing beats a gorgeous emerald (Angelina at the 2010 Oscars anyone?). Of course, there are a myriad of other gorgous, more affordable gemstones too (kyanite, aquamarine, flourite, beryl, amazonite, malachite etc). Earclimbers are a great way to avail of more of the real estate on your ear without the need for multiple piercings. Favour one ear for a climber, not both - asymetry is far cooler. Have fun searching online for options to suit.

Number 3:

Stack up the bracelets.

In warm weather, avoid piling on too many rings. Fingers can swell and rings can get clogged with suncream - bracelets however are a different story. A nice selection of bracelets will flash brightly in sunlight and if you are an expressive person who speaks with their hands (aren't we all a bit like this?), it will help to emphasise what you are saying, acting like bright, sparkly punctuation and who wouldn't want that?

Number 4:

Have fun mixing and matching.

As Marylin Monroe said in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes when she was told that a tiara goes on your head; "I just LOVE finding new places to wear diamonds!" We can all take a leaf out of Mailyn's book and chage up some of the ways we use our jewellery pieces by wearing them in different ways. Wear high and low-end pieces together, the only rule is confidence. We all have fun pieces we may have bought abroad. They may not be worth much but they act as little time machines, bringing us right back to when we purchased it, in the foot of the Himalayas, or Ibiza town. Sling them together with your 'good' pieces and you will have a look that is all yours and shows your journey through life and your personal style.


Have you noticed how the above tips are about accentuating your 'you-ness'? This is not about changing oursleves; slimming down or bigging up. Go forth, layer up and ENJOY.

Ella Green


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