A New Home for Ella Green

February 08, 2017

A New Home for Ella Green

Who's Behind the Red Door?

DesignYard has been a destination for jewellery lovers since 1994. As a devoted member of that tribe, I often visited the South Frederick Street to ooh and aah over the delicious, impeccably curated jewellery. It is a calm place, flooded with lots of natural light with nothing to distract from the jewellery except the gentle creak of wooden floorboards and the quiet advice, unhurriedly imparted from the helpful staff. I would always come away with a pang for at least one exquisite piece. 

"DesignYard has earned itself an enviable reputation amongst the design cognoscenti as one of the country's most progressive stores, thanks to a beautifully edited collection" Sunday Business Post

 Incredibly, a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have Ella Green accepted into this wonderful store. I really am so grateful and honoured to be able to share the same space as the amazing Andrew Geoghan, Angela Hubel and Inga Reed among others.

The last time I visited, I put my eye on Nicola Van Der Wolf's amazing carved onyx, moonstone and diamond piece and was falling more in love by the minute only to realise that the lovely lady I had been chatting to and geeking out with over gems and geology was the designer herself! I mean for goodness sake - how cool is it to be able to meet these creators in person!

Now that Ella Green is available in the heart of Dublin's city centre, a stone's throw from Grafton Street, I'm so happy that people can interact with and try on the pieces.

"DesignYard stocks a sumptuous edit of the most interesting Irish and European designers". The Gloss

Thank you so much DesignYard for believing in me and giving Ella Green a chance to be shared and seen by your lovely clientele x x x 

 The DesignYard

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